About Pay After Placement MBA/PGDM

Pay After Placement MBA / PGDM Program is India’s first program that’s designed for those students who are unable to pay their fee to study in the discipline of Management. It is also for those who want to secure their money, time, and job before joining an MBA college or PGDM.

Duration: 2 Years

Program Offered at 19 Campuses across India.

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Pay After Placement MBA | PGDM: Key Highlights

UGC approved MBA

Pay After Placement

AICTE approved PGDM

9-M Paid Internship

Applied Specializations

150% Placement

15-months classroom

Average Package Rs. 4 L

Pay After Placement Admission Process & Fee

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    Clear Admission Process

  • 2

    Start Your MBA/PGDM

  • 3

    Study For 2 Years

  • 4

    Get 100% Guaranteed Job

  • 5

    Pay Your Course Fee

Pay Fee Only After Get Hired (Getting A Job)

Pay After Placement (PAP) MBA / PGDM Program is a program where you don’t pay your course fee until you get a job. After being placed in some of the best roles in the top MNCs of the industry, only then pay your tuition fee.

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Study 2 Years

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Money Back Guarantee Model of Pay After Placement Management Courses

Pay After Placement Management Program has changed the MBA/PGDM topography of the country starts by unburdening the students of any kind of pressure to search for a job that pays back the course. But also, keep them secure in the event they go unplaced right after their graduation. In living up to the commitment made by us, we present a unique Money-Back Guarantee policy:

1. You pay Rs. 3,15,000 in 3 instalments for course.

2. You pay Rs. 3,15,000 in 3 instalments for course.Refund of complete Rs 3,15,000 (registration and tuition fees included) if you are unable to secure a job 3 months into graduation. We always with by our promise & words, and your money will be refunded without any deduction. No questions will be asked.

3. You pay us Rs 3,15,000 or 10 times your monthly salary (whichever is lesser). If you get a monthly salary less than 31,500 we shall refund the difference between Rs 3,15,000 and the amount you would pay as 10 times your monthly salary. For example, If you get a monthly salary of 20,000 then as per the policy of the institute you get back Rs 1,15,000 (3,15,000 – 10 X Your monthly salary)