About Online BBA Dual Specialization

In today's volatile economic environment, having a solid foundation in several business disciplines is becoming increasingly important. Many colleges and organisations offer online BBA programs with dual specialities to meet the changing demands of ambitious business professionals. These programs allow students to gain knowledge in two diverse business sectors, boosting their job possibilities and adaptability in the corporate world.

No. of Universities: 1

Duration: 3 Years

Eligibility: 12th Pass out

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Key Highlights of the Online BBA in Dual Specialisation

  • The online BBA program allows students to concentrate on two areas of business, allowing them to build knowledge in various fields.
  • The online format allows students to match their education with other responsibilities by providing flexibility in time and place.
  • The curriculum covers a wide variety of business topics, offering a comprehensive grasp of many functional areas and their interrelationships.
  • The program is meant to provide students with the practical skills and information needed in today's corporate environment, increasing their employability.
  • The program is taught by experienced faculty members with academic knowledge and industry experience, assuring high-quality education.
  • Students participate in interactive online sessions, conversations, and collaborative projects, creating a dynamic and engaging learning environment.
  • The online platform allows students to connect with peers, alums, and industry experts, therefore growing their professional network.
  • Students get individualized guidance and assistance from teachers and support professionals throughout their academic journey.
  • The program assists students in obtaining internships and placements, gaining practical experience, and advancing their careers.
  • The BBA degree achieved through the online program is recognized and has the same value as a regular on-campus degree, assuring job market credibility.

Syllabus of the Online BBA in Dual Specialisation

The Online BBA in Dual Specialization program's curriculum normally offers a comprehensive range of courses covering various facets of business administration and management. While the curriculum varies based on the university or institution sponsoring the degree, the following are some typical courses that are frequently covered: 

Principles of Management Financial Accounting
Marketing Management Business Communication
Organisational Behavior Human Resource Management
Financial Management Operations Management
Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management Business Ethics and Corporate Governance
Strategic Management International Business
E-commerce Supply Chain Management